"...it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all..."~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, August 14, 2015

........a different time.....

........greetings......well summer is over and has been a very busy time for me with my 5 grands....now they are all in school, and they love it, so that helps, but I miss them.  I have been watching grands for 13 years and this is quite a change for me, being home with no littles.......I will see them for about an hour in the morning and one to two hours after school.......so I am very happy about that !!!!!!!!!!  So now I will focus more on handwork....rug hooking, sampler making and calico covered boxes....also making more time for my blog.  I have just finished repainting my whole house, decluttering and organizing........after that I will trim my shrubs, then power wash the house !!!!!!!!   I have come to terms that life holds many stages, some good and some not so much !!!  I am blessed to have been able to spend as much time as I did with them.....I began watching all of them at 8 weeks old........so here is to a new/different chapter in my life.....


  1. Sounds great! I look forward to seeing your repainted house and your future projects. I always enjoy your photos.

  2. I agree there is nothing better than being a Granny! Love those five smiling faces...Looking forward to future posts and photos...

  3. Labor Day always signaled the end of summer when I was in school. I guess it depends on the area of the country. Sounds like you'll finally have time to work on some of your own projects.
    Mary Alice

  4. What a blessing for you to get to be with your grandchildren so much and have such an impact on their lives! They look like a very precious group of children.

    1. Thank you Vicki, and I would do it all over again !!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have them for a bit in the morning and a couple hours after school, I am so happy for that, they are a blessing !!!